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The Wedding is Over …Ready to Get Back to Catering You Some Cupcakes!

Time to Order some Cupcakes!

Well, she’s married …and the wedding was beautiful …but it’s been 2 weeks and that’s plenty of time for recovery!

The wedding was beautiful – we all laughed, cried, ate, and danced the night away. Then we got to puppy sit for their little baby, Sprinkles while they wisked off to their honeymoon!

…but now I’m back at it. Baking Cupcakes for you is what it’s all about!

Let me know what you want for your special occassion …or maybe, just to surprise your fam with a special treat! The holidays are approaching – make sure you get your requests in early!



Order Your Fav Cupcakes AGAIN! I’m back up at full speed!

just a little cupcake luv to let you know I’m back!

I had taken a little sabbatical from the cupcake world to take care of my husband after some serious health problems …but it’s all good now!

 and yes I’m in full swing  making cupcakes for you again!

Yep so check out Reds Cupcakes on facebook! or

I will be taking on cupcake orders between now and June 30th …then from July through October I’ll be focusing on the BIG wedding in my fam! I mean I only have 1 daughter and it’s going to fab and fun!